Quality Homes built to last. Affordable for any budget.

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When you buy a home from us, you can expect outstanding comfort, quality, and customer service. Choose from our huge inventory, or customize your new home to satisfy every need. Your home is specifically engineered to last a lifetime with materials designed to provide maximum strength, and it is certified by third-party inspectors  for the following quality assurances:

  Indoor air quality.
  Federal and local code compliance.
  Structural strength and safety.
  Plumbing plans and systems.
  Fire safety.

Quality you can SEE. Industry standards that can’t be beat.

We stock many home brands in our inventory we feel whose standards are the best in the industry. Our current brands are: Clayton, TRU, Sulphur Springs, Schult, NXT, and Cavco. Modern manufactured homes are constructed with the same materials as traditional “stick built” homes and built with quality craftsmanship to last your family a lifetime.
Take a peek below at the process from start to finish at the Clayton manufacturing facility and see for yourself. If you have questions about anything, we’re happy to help. Give us a call today! 512-308-9200
Home Building Facility Tour: Foundation and Steel

Home Building Facility Tour: Flooring and Plumbing

Home Building Facility Tour: Exterior Walls

Home Building Facility Tour: Exterior and Inspections

Home Building Facility Tour: Roof

Home Building Facility Tour: Energy Saving Options

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